John VII Palaiologos

John VII Palaiologos
   Emperor (q.v.) briefly in 1390; oldest son of Andronikos IV (q.v.). He seized Constantinople (q.v.) in 1390 as a pawn of Bayezid I (q.v.), overthrowing his grandfather John V (q.v.). Manuel II (q.v.) soon regained control with the aid of the Hospitallers (q.v.), driving John from the city (17 September 1390), ending his brief reign. Nevertheless, Manuel II reconciled with John; when Manuel II journeyed to the West in 1399-1403, he allowed him to remain in Constantinople as his regent. John married Irene Gattilusio of Lesbos (qq.v.). Their child Andronikos died shortly before John VII's own death in 1408.

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